24hr Emergency Carpet Flood Service

*Stop the water source, carefully remove all furnishings from the affected areas and we will take care of the rest!!

Have your Carpets just been FLOODED?

       Was it caused by the washing machine? an overflowed bathtub? storm water? or even a fish tank? amongst other possible causes.

Well, with the use of our 24Hour EMERGENCY FLOOD Service, Zarz Carpet Cleaning will put your mind at ease with our experience in these very frustrating times.


       The service we can provide will have your carpets restored to its dry state through the use of professional carpet air movers coupled with experience in assessment, carpet relay and repair together with Professional Carpet Cleaning, Deodorizing and Sanitizing to eliminate after flood odours and bacterial build up.


       Use of house and contents insurance for these professional services is recommended to ease service costs.


Call 24/7 on:

           5996 3980 or 0412 442 322

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